Adrian Edmondson and Dawn French filming The Comic Strip Presents… The Beat Generation.
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"Cinema is the only art that operates with the concept of time. Not because of its developing in time, because so does music and theater and ballet and other artforms.

I mean time in the literal sense. After all, what is a take? From when we say: ‘Action!’ To when we end by saying ‘cut’, what is happening?

It is the fixing of reality, the fixing of time. The conservation of time - for us to keep forever. 

No other art form can fix time except cinema. So film is a mosaic of time… all three have dialogue.”

Andrei Tarkovsky

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Morgiana, 1972 
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The “deepest ever” living fish have been discovered. A UK-Japan team found the 17-strong shoal at depths of 7.7km (4.8 miles) in the Japan Trench in the Pacific - and captured the deep sea animals on film. The scientists have been using remote-operated landers designed to withstand immense pressures to comb the world’s deepest depths for marine life.
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